World Freefall Convention Review of 1996

Quincy `96 - What a Blast!!

Statistics: There were 3,926 skydivers at this year's Convention, almost a thousand more than 1995. We made over 49,000 jumps and attended from 36 countries and 49 states! The Missouri National Guard reports that we set another Convention record for most takeoffs and landings: 6,113 as compared to last year's record of 5,498. This translates to one every minute 18 seconds! Wow!

We are compiling the data from the questionnaires filled out by the jumpers who used the Load Organizers so that we can improve our services, but we already know that there were more than 690 loads organized by them, totalling more than 7,000 jumps!

If you have any input, pictures, or stories that you would like to see in this space, or if you have ideas about how we can improve to pass along to the Convention organizers, write to DJan Stewart to get them included.