Travis, The Jello Guy


Do you recognize this man?

He’s the most wanted man at WFFC, and chances are, if you’ve attended the World’s Best Boogie, you’ve met him. He’s Jello Guy, and he’s Bill Cosby’s worst nightmare.
A self-styled Adult Recreational Beverage Distributor, Travis first cozied up to the Convention in 1990. In 1998, the one and only Bernice, the WFFC Executive Director, asked the fateful question, “Would you like to be a pimp?” and received an enthusiastic “Hell yeah!”in response. An institution was born, one that would change the bond between jello molds and alcohol forever.
Bringing in a couple of ladies to help with the details, Brandy and Shauna served shots and cigars, shots, shots and more shots, and Brandy has stayed ever since. We’re not sure, but Shauna may still be passed out somewhere at the airport...
That first year saw well over 4,000 jello shots served up, and that led to the creation of a black cooler to help keep the operation running smoothly. In 1999, the word was out, and the output nearly doubled to 8,000 shots; a third Jello Temptress was added to the mix, and the shots were smooth as ever. By 2001, the Adult Amusement Park: Six Jello Shots Over Mid-America was serving nearly 12,000 little cups of jello heaven, and a refrigerated-trailer had to be built to keep everyone happy.
Travis says he makes jello all day, and it doesn’t take long to dispense the goods. He especially appreciates those repeat offenders who consume gallons of the sticky liquor. Team Benton, he says, spends several hundred dollars each convention, along with the Dog Pound, Tim the WFFC Massuese, and the Rodriguez Brothers. He truly enjoys seeing all of you, and wants everyone to come say hello this August.
And, he wants everyone to know how much he appreciates those who stop by; he says there are some people who have become more than friends, they’re like family, and the World’s Best Boogie feels more like a reunion than anything else. He also wants to thank his volunteers, who spend their own time assisting and make nothing more than the tips provided. The past couple of years has seen the addition of a new regular at the Adult Amusement Park; Fast Eddie. The famous/infamous Clothing Negator and Bead Distributor will return once again, so be prepared, especially for Mardi Gras night, on Sunday, August 8.
As usual, Travis and the Jello Girls will be making four gallons at a time, everyone laughing and getting sticky (sounds like my fantasies), with giveaways such as shirts, keychains, and lanyards will be plentiful. So all naked lemmings who enjoy swimming through the jello, you will not be disappointed. With more than a mile and a half of jello shots served in only six years, Jello Guy has come a long way.
Travis the Jello Guy welcomes one and all back to Rantoul. Salut!