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Sport Accuracy Open Competition

Photo is a picture of Lew Sanborn, "Mr. D-1",
approaching the target. Click picture to zoom.

TUESDAY - JULY 25th, 2006

Awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Individuals and Teams 3 Rounds of Sport Accuracy

Registration & Briefing: Tuesday, July 25th, 9:00 a.m. at the Balloon Tent

General Rules: (See USPA Skydiver's Competition Manual, Section 9)

  1. Jumpers to exit aircraft at 12,500 ft.
  2. Competitors to be judged on three task:
    • Accuracy: The distance between their first point of contact and the target center will be measured. Possible score of 0.00 meters (Dead Center) to 15.00 meters maximum.
    • Stand-Up Landing: The jumper's ability to perform a stand-up landing. Failure to do a stand-up landing will add a 15.00 meter penalty to the competitor's score.
    • Landing Control: The jumper's ability to contain the complete landing from first point of contact to a full stop within a 15.00 meter radius circle. Failure to contain the landing within the 15.00 meter radius circle will add a 15.00 meter penalty to the competitor's score.
  3. Maximum total score 45.00 meters.
  4. The target dead center diameter will be 0.40 meters (16 inches) for all three rounds.
  5. All jumps to be made in teams of four competitors. Those individual competitors not on an organized team will be placed with other individual jumpers to form a four-person team.
  6. All competitors will be eligible for both individual and team awards.

Cost: There will be an Entry Fee of $10.00 per competitor. Competitors to pay for all jump tickets.

Meet Director and Chief Judge: Jeff Steinkamp, USPA National Rated Judge

Contact: Jeff Steinkamp, P. O. Box 3101, Quincy, IL 62305
Phone (217) 224-6284 or by e-mail at jeff.steinkamp@sbcglobal.net (Revised 4/11/06)

Follow this link and click on the poster there for details,

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