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Gear and Jumper Requirements at the WFFC

Gear Requirements

Your gear must be "in date" for the entire convention, even if you are not staying for the duration.

1. For US jumpers the date that needs to be reflected on your repack card is April 1, 2006 or after.

2. Foreign jumpers with foreign gear will need to be in date for their country's repack cycle.

3. Foreign jumpers with US gear must comply with with US 120 day repack cycle.

If your gear is not current through the end of the Convention, you will be directed to the friendly and professional onsite riggers for a repack, and who can provide services for any of your rigging needs.

Automatic Activation Devices (AAD's) are not required on gear used by licensed skydivers at the WFFC.

Jumper Requirements

1. To be registered as a skydiver with a "Skydiver" wristband you need to have at least 50 freefall skydives and be "current". This does not require a "license" but expect some additional scrutiny at Registration if you do not have one. Written logbooks are highly recommended to help verify currency. Being registered with a "Skydiver" wristband is at the discretion of the personnel at Registration.

USPA licenses are encouraged for skydivers from any country. We encourage lower experienced jumpers to seek out the WFFC Convention Load Organizers for jumps to provide an orientation.

This WFFC policy is established based on jump numbers because skydiving organizations in other countries may not have jump number requirements identical to USPA for a particular license. 50 freefalls is about the same experience as a USPA "B" license holder and what we feel is enough experience to be in the air with a number of jumpers. Please keep in mind that anyone registered as a "Skydiver" may participate in any type of skydive available at the WFFC, and should have sufficient experience to safely do so.

2. Skydivers who hold a current skydiving license issued by a national skydiving organization in their country or another country, but who do not yet have 50 freefalls may jump under the supervision of a selected WFFC Staff member. This will normally require only that the Novice skydiver cover the cost of the staff member's slot on the aircraft. This staff member will accompany and supervise the Novice skydiver during the entire jump, from the time they board the aircraft, during the freefall, and until they land together. Novice skydivers must register using a "Novice" wristband after providing proof of a skydiving license. Anyone who has registered as a "Novice" and makes enough verifiable jumps during the Convention to qualify as being registered as a "Skydiver" may do so.

3. Skydivers who do not yet have a license are considered Students and must register with a "Student" wristband, and must jump under the supervision of the WFFC Student Training Vendor instructor or their approved representative instructor. This type of jump will involve paying whatever the vendor or approved representative instructor charges.

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