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WFFC Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are coming to the World Free Fall Convention for the 15th time, or arriving to become a part of the WFFC Family for the first time this year, you will find your excitement growing, along with a list of questions. A few that come up every year are here for you to review, but as you have others, we would love to answer them for you! You can contact the members of our staff, or you can post your questions directly to the Message Board, and any number of people are likely to see and answer you. Our web server receives over 7 Million hits every year.

  • Can I camp on site? Will there be enough room for a group of my friends to camp with me? What about electricity at the campsites?
  • If you are one of our more adventurous participants, there is "camping in the rough" available in tent city, no hookups but, there are shower facilities available in the Grissom Hall site, for all of our tenters. We greatly thank the Village of Rantoul for making our camping experience more enjoyable by partnering with us to provide these facilities. The area in tent city is massive, the annex which was added last year filled in nicely, and still has room available. In addition a lovely area of camping has developed close to the pond, and there is even more room available there with camping under some majestic shade trees. Check out the map, and see how much room there is, you will be sure to find some beautiful real estate to call your new home!

  • Are there plenty of covered packing areas?
  • Yes! There are plenty of covered packing areas! When you arrive on site, be sure to take a spin around and notice all of the large tented areas. Whether you are part of a tenting group on dz row, or here winging it for yourself, you will be able to find several shaded areas for packing.

  • Can I bring my RV?
  • If you would like to bring an RV to the WFFC, there are plenty of RV slots at the RV park with full hookups. One price includes parking slot, water, electricity and sewer! The RV park also has a full bathhouse with laundry facilities available to RV campers.There is NO tent camping in the RV park. The Village of Rantoul has requested that we make this change. The hours of operation of the shower/restroom facilities will be posted and only tenants of RV park will be allowed access.

  • Are there going to be things for my family to do while I am jumping?
  • The good folks of Rantoul were left with an abandoned military base. You will find places for swimmers, golfers, tennis players, work out and volleyball. They have a hotel, and a child care facility within walking or biking distance of the DZ.

  • TWENTY ONE HUNDRED ACRES??!! How do people get around?
  • Watch for our friendly staff members to come to pick you up from your landings and whisk you back to your campsite, manifest, or LO tents. You will be able to grab a FREE ride in one of our many golfcarts, or pick up trucks, there are also "people movers" just to make sure you don"t have to walk back to your packing area. Bicycles and motorbikes are a great thing to bring along for the evening commute, and there is even a golf cart vendor on the grounds for you and your friends to rent your own golf cart.

  • Will the pond be available for SWOOPING?, and can I do this for FREE?
  • The WFFC pond is a 200x200 masterpiece! Yes, it is available for swooping! You may choose to swoop on your own, or with the help of our organizers. Manifest will be making announcements to keep you up to date on organized swooping.

  • Will the WFFC still have Load Organizers available?
  • The WFFC again will bring you the finest Load Organizers available ANYWHERE! Of course Load Organizers in Tents One thru Four are FREE! This is just one of the many great reasons to come to the WFFC. Don"t forget to take advantage of the nightly seminars! They too are FREE! and every night there is a different subject, and new experts to answer any questions you may have.

  • I may want to talk to a vendor about new gear. Will there be vendors on site?
  • The best gear and rig manufactures will be on site, along with rigging services, and jump suit manufactures. You will be able to test a new rig, order custom colors, or pick up a Convention special canopy, have a jumpsuit made to size, order a new airblade for your dz, or get your helmet customized. It all happens at the WFFC! In addition to these many vendors, there will be t-shirts, jewelry, hats, jackets, end of the day massages, and much too much food to even mention!

  • I hear the crowds at the WFFC are quite large, is there enough lift capacity to make it worth my time to be there?
  • The WFFC is always proud to offer the LARGEST variety and GREATEST number of jumpships available in any one place at any one time. Along with Otters, Casas, and Skyvans, we will be sure to include balloons, of course that famed King Air will be joining us again. All of these are available on every day of the event. In addition to these favorites, the Staff of the WFFC are always looking to bring you exceptional "specialty" jumpships which may be available for limited days. Be sure to watch the announcements on the webpage for the latest updates as each ride in the jump fleet is confirmed.

  • What is the refund policy?
  • WFFC Refund Policy:
    Jump tickets may be refunded at Ticket Sales through the end of the convention. Any jump ticktes taken home with you will be considered souvenirs. Pre-purchased packets not picked up from pre-registration may be refunded through September 1st, 2006, by calling the WFFC office at 217-AAA-JUMP. Pre-purchased RV slots not cancelled by July 14th, 2006, will not be refunded. This is the same policy that is posted at Ticket Sales and Registration during the convention.

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