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Load Organizers, Camps, and Coaches

There are a number of different skydiving interests and skill level experiences available in the dozen or so tents that surround the main landing area at the World Freefall Convention. Believe us when we say, "There is something for everybody!". This perimeter of tents was designed to encourage you to participate in areas you are familiar with and to learn about those you are not.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following information. We hope your stay here at the World Freefall Convention is exciting and fun. See 'Whois' for Load Organizers past and present.

Who'll be there in 2006: [locations subject to change]
Tent#1: Convention Load Organizers

Tent #2: Convention Load Organizers

Tent #3 Freefly/Head Down and CRW Organizers

Tent #4: Accelerated Freefall Training by Quad Cities Skydiving Center who is the official student training vendor for the WFFC.

Tent #5 The Muff Brothers

Muff Muff Muff - Guaranteed to change your life!!!

Tent #6:

Tent #8:Specialty Aircraft / Picture This

Tent #9 and 10: Flight Line Aircraft

Tent #9: Casas

Tent #10: Otters / Skyvan / King air

This is an open manifest system. You choose when and which aircraft you want; all you need is a wristband, ticket and tagged gear.

Tent #11: Day Packing Area
During the day this is a shaded packing area for individual jumpers packing near the flight line.

Tent #12: Concepts Unlimited
Challenging sequential skydives (20- to 60-ways) with Roger Ponce de Leon.

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