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About the Convention

The World Free Fall Convention was developed and is organized by Don Kirlin. Don has been an aviation enthusiast since the age of five, when he flew on his father's lap at the controls of their 1946 Ercoupe. His goal was to have the most exhilarating skydive boogie in the world brought to his community, Quincy, IL, and to use this event to educate and encourage other enthusiasts.

It was apparent from the beginning that a large number of people shared his passion for skydiving, and Quincy became the first home of the World Free Fall Convention. The Convention has been a success since its inception, and has continued to attract individuals from all fifty of the United States, and from forty-six other countries as well.

The success of the WFFC can be attributed to Don's commitment to maintaining the highest standards in safety and diversity which can be offered, and the commitment by the WFFC Staff to make the Convention a comfortable home for everyone so each guest feels appreciated.

Don's annual Convention is well known for its diverse array of aircraft available to skydivers. Past years have seen the WFFC become the first to offer jumps from a number of aircraft.

Additionally, each year sees exclusive aircraft at the WFFC which other skydiving conventions have yet to offer. The pre-registration form shows which aircraft are confirmed for 2006, but there is almost always a last-minute surprise that we simply can't plan for! Take a look at past realities and July possibilities:

C-130 A Hercules Super Constellation Douglas DC-3 King Air 200 Ford Tri-Motor
Navy N-3-N Bi-plane T-6 Texan Pitts Special Martin 404 Stearman 450 HP
Super King Air Bushmaster Tri-Motor Antonov Sky Truck Douglas C-47 Turbine Porter
Twin Otters Helio Stallion Caribou C-4 Rod Tinney's Bell 412 L-100-30 Stretch Hercules
Boeing 727-100 & 200 Huey UH-1H Bell Long Ranger Bell Jet Ranger Bell 47 D
Helio Courier Antonov AN-2 Antonov AN-28 Family Channel Blimp Carvair
Super Otters Casa 212-200 Shorts Sky Van Cessna Caravan B-17 Flying Fortress
B-24 Liberator Balloons 80,000 - 216,000 cu ft Stagerwing Beechcraft Bi-Plane New Standard (1929) Bi-Plane Jump Altitudes: 300 ft - 30,000 ft

The World Free Fall Convention is such a success, that it has turned its sights to helping the communities which host it. In Quincy, IL, the WFFC has sponsored Future Farmers of America, the Quincy Humane Society, and the Quincy Special Olympics.

Rantoul, IL has seen its Kids Foundation, Fire Department, and Air Museum benefit from the generosity of Don Kirlin's annual event. In all, the WFFC has provided more than $100,000 to charitable organizations.

Each year there is a sense of accomplishment and pride in what has become the largest skydiver's boogie in the world. Don Kirlin and the WFFC staff welcome you to Rantoul to participate in an event second to none. Whether you anticipate new jump planes, making new friends, relaxing, or all of these and more, join us for ten glorious days in eastern Illinois.

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