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Jump With Norman Kent FAQ

Price List

1-4 People $110 + Jump ticket ($60 credit towards print orders placed during the event)
5-8 People $160 + Jump ticket ($100 credit towards print orders placed during the event)
9-up $210 + Jump ticket ($140 credit towards print orders placed during the event)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the price per person? Only in the case of a single jumper, the price is for the group (up to the number specified) so you can have a 4 way group shot for $100 plus my jump ticket, which makes it only $25 each (plus 25% of the jump ticket).
  • What is the price of the jump ticket? Whatever the cost of the jump ship you wish to jump out of with me, in other words whatever it costs to get me up with you so I can shoot you.
  • What does the credit towards print order mean? Of the price you pay for me to come along and shoot you or your group, more than half (the indicated amount) is applied as a credit towards you print order, so you can say that some free prints are included in the price!
  • Are the prints computer generated on site? No. I realize that most people would like to take their pictures home with them and that the digital era makes that possible, however, as always, I believe in delivering quality that is higher than any one else, for this reason, I use a lab that uses state of the art equipment turning the digital file in to a film like information through a special process, this information then gets printed with a laser printer on to a metallic based photographic paper resulting in an almost holographic finish, please feel free to stop at my trailer to look at the sample prints.
    Yow will however be able to look at the images in one of our computers so you will be able to place you orders and know what you will be getting before you leave the event!
  • When will I receive my prints? In about 2-4 weeks after the event.
  • What if I don't want any prints? The price is still the same so you might as well take the prints. If you do not want pictures then why hire me?
  • Can my credit be transferred to another person not on my jump? No, someone else on your jump can use it.
  • Can I order prints after the event is over by phone? You can but the credit is only good for orders placed during the event.
  • What happens if you have a camera malfunction? You get a full refund (except for the price of the jump ticket) or we do it again (you pay for the jump tickets)
  • How do I sign up? You need to make a reservation,
    1. Ask where my trailer is parked (sorry, when this was printed I did not know that information) and come and find me
    2. If you cant find me, look for me at my trailer during the image viewing time which is 30 minutes after sunset, I will be available for 1 and 1/2 hours.
    3. Call me at 386-446-0505 (before the event) or 386-451-1294 (during the event) and leave me a number where I can call you.
  • What if I want pictures of me as part of a larger formation? No problem, you can either pay the fee yourself in which case I focus my shooting on you as part of that jump (close ups of you, etc.) or you tell me what you want, at that point I am you personal photographer! You may also find other people in the dive that you can split the cost with, remember it only costs $200 plus my ticket for larger that 8 groups so if you get 20 people to divide the cost, it is only $10 per person (plus my ticket)!
  • Can I get a video of the jump? I will be favoring the stills during the shooting but will also shoot video, you may get a copy of the video for an extra $25. This covers the extra time for me to deal with the dub. Please note that the video will not always be available.
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