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Skydive Store Info

SkyFest (J Schrimsher & Jaime Clapp) and The Skydive Store (Art Sherry) have made arrangements with certain manufacturers to get their products and demo gear to the WFFC. We have worked hard to make this happen. We've put this together in a short amount of time and are trying to get as many products as possible.

The Skydive Store has been on tour this season in the Northeastern US. The Skydive Store is based in New York and owned by Art Sherry. Skydive Store has been traveling with Performance Designs and Precision Canopies as well as the Containers from Sunpath, Relative Workshop, Mirage, Strong, Velocity Sports, Wings and other items such as the new Para Telemetry Main Parachute Locator and more.

SkyFest and The Skydive Store, will be at WFFC with demo gear from Sun Path, Performance Designs, Percision Canopies and The Relative Workshop. These manufacturers have assisted us in being able to provide demo equipment from each one. There will be over a dozen Javelin Odyssey containers filled with a range of Spectres and Sabre 2s. We'll also have many Relative Workshop Vector containers with PD canopies in them as well. There will be Sky Hook demos throughout the convention. We'll have a large amount of PD canopies to demo, as well as new canopies to be purchased on the spot. The full line of Percision Canopies will be available for demo too. Again, come by the SkyFest/Skydive Store tent, in the new vendor market on the corner of Front Street and Drop Zone Row.

We're working on putting together some seminars so stop by the tent regularly to check out the schedules.

SkyFest is taking the TeXXas 20-way Pink Patch to Rantoul. We will be raffling off the 20th slot. The winner can be man or woman. Come by and take this opportunity to get your pink patch and jump with 19 women. There are only a few men in the world who have their pink patch. So guys, you're invited to be one of a few. Proceeds from the pink patch raffle sales will go towards the JSF (Jerry Schrimsher Skydiving Scholarship Fund).

While some of the manufacturers may not be there, some of the demo gear will be. We hope this will help alleviate some of the concerns jumpers were having about the manufacturers not attending WFFC.

See you there!

Jaime, J, & Art 

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