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New Cell / Mini Browser Page

We've also added a webcam page designed for mini browsers for access via cell phones and PDAs. From your cell / PDA just go directly to: www.freefall.com/webcam-mini.php to access that page.

Two Webcams

We now have two live webcams. You can update the two images by refreshing the webcam page using the standard browser refresh icon. Or you can click on the camera icon beneath either of the webcam images, and you'll get a new mini window with just the selected webcam image that will refresh automatically every 15 seconds. You can leave this window up and running when you are doing other work. Also, if something looks interesting, and you don't want to wait 15 seconds until the next refresh, you can click on the refresh icon in the mini window to update the image immediately.

Manifest Audio

By popular demand (yes, we heard you) we're bringing back Manifest Audio.  Just click on the radio icon on the webcam page.  It will be operational during the day.  There are a very limited number of connections available, so please listen for awhile then shut down the streaming so others can listen too.  Thanks.


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